Women of Color Breakfast

Good Afternoon all. It feels like I’m starting these posts later and later, but at least I’m still doing them. It’s been a busy day! I had to make a run to Micro Center to pick up some equipment for tonight. I needed a microphone and some speakers to amplify the voices of our performers this evening. Unfortunately, nothing I bought works. Ah well… c’est la vie.

The great part is that I began my day with Cafecito, a breakfast with women of color. They have one every Friday. The table is full of women who are all in the business of building up their communities in one way or another. It has been a great networking opportunity for me. I met a woman who works for a non-profit that brings professional dance and music to senior citizens. There is a woman who works with middle schoolers with a focus on bringing their reading abilities up to grade level. There are women who have participated in state politics for decades and who are using their influence for good.

I may have some projects on the horizon as a result of linking up with these women, so stay tuned.

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