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The Dream Client

When you find your Dream Client, you’d better hold onto her. Dream Clients are the people you love to work with and who love to work with you.

Women in the Arts

In keeping with the theme of Women Behaving Badly, I want to take some time to showcase the women in our community who are making a difference right now. This week, come for an evening of talks from women in the arts. These ladies range from the performing arts to visual art and each one […]

Women in Politics- Part 2

Good afternoon! Allow me to introduce the second of the speakers for tomorrow Women in Politics discussion panel, Halisi Vinson: Halisi holds a Masters in Business Administration and also has over 20 years of corporate experience. As a community advocate, she created a youth program that teaches teens entrepreneurship, video production and success skills. Additionally […]

Women in STEM – How it Went

Good morning friends of Afro Triangle! Yesterday, I got so caught up in the Feminist panel, I forgot to tell you how the STEM Panel went. It was amazing! Seriously, you missed out if you didn’t make it. All of the women who spoke were very passionate about what they do and very clear about […]

Talking Feminism with High School Students

Good morning friends of Afro Triangle. I’m getting a VERY late start, but with good reason. I just got back from doing a discussion panel at East High School on the subject of Feminism. They wanted me in at 7:20 this morning. Since that is about ten minutes before I usually wake up, writing was […]


Good morning Afro Triangle friends. Today begins a week of transitions. I am starting the move to my new studio today. I get to box up all my belongings, assessing what I actually need and what I’ve been hanging onto “just in case”. Somehow, I always find a bunch of things I don’t use. Then […]

Good Morning! – One of Many

Good morning, friends of Afro Triangle! Last night, I made an important discovery about myself. I should NOT  drink oolong tea after 8 pm. Seriously, I was awake most of the night. Part of the problem is that my wife and I are reading this book called The Art of Asking, by Amanda Palmer. In […]

Meet the Author – Cassi Clark

Women in Writing As part of my show, Women Behaving Badly, I will be hosting a series of panel discussions with women in the community. One of these ladies is Cassi Clark, author of the book Breastfeeding is a Bitch, But We Lovingly Do It Anyway. Cassi Clark has been a writer most of her […]

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