Portraits at St. Marks – and other things

Good morning Afro Triangle Friends! I’m getting a VERY early start today. I had to take my wife to work because her car is in the shop. I usually wake up half an hour from now. But it’s all good. I’m here and I’m writing to you, so I’m happy.

It’s going to be a busy day. The Feminine Energy Art Exhibition is opening tonight at the

5280 Artists Co-op
1400 Dallas St
from 7-9pm

so you should come and check that out. I’ve hung the women from my Synesthesia series, so if you haven’t seen them yet, or want to see them again, come down tonight.

Wednesday is moving day! I’ll be taking all of my stuff over to the Helikon Gallery, and I am so excited! Since coming back from vacation, taking meetings has meant not going into the studio. The commute is longer than I’d like, so it was easier to not go in and take as many meetings as possible. Now, I can meet in the middle of the day AND go back to the studio.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sketching portraits for a family reunion. It’s been some time since I’ve done live sketches, so I’m going to need to practice. I will be at

St Mark’s Coffeehouse
today from 10-noon

if you want me to draw your portrait. See you today! If not, talk to you tomorrow :).


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