Meet the Author – Robyn Vie Carpenter-Brisco

Women in Writing

Allow me to introduce you to my final speaker for the Author’s Panel. Robyn Vie Carpenter has described herself as:

Writer, Life Builder, Medicine Woman, Muse; she is a wife, a daughter, a sister and an aunt.

She is the self-proclaimed, “Hippie Diva – Lesbian Goddess of Socialite Joy”, describing her mission

Be Out. Spread Love. Teach Joy

Robyn’s 20+ years connection with stones and crystals began in New York City. It was here that she first
learned about utilizing the energy found in stones and crystals to create change for your life. She says,
“who knew stones could be anything other than place holders for the diamonds?” It was at this time
that Robyn says her “Hippie Diva” was born. She has been continually learning and haphazardly teaching
others about the power of stones and crystals ever since.

It was with encouragement and support from her spouse, family and friends, Robyn finally decided to
write down all of the things that she’s been telling people about for years. It was when she finally, as
Robyn puts it, “gave herself permission to continue to live a life of joy.”

She credits her learnings and her teaching her programs on joy with how her book could even be
written. It was in teaching she found the perfect opportunity to create a fun guide for, as the title states,
“using stones & crystals to create a life that rocks!”

Let’s Get Stoned is a “how to” manual for working with stone and crystal energy. It is intended to help
the reader understand how to think about their life in relation to choosing and using stone and crystal

“It is meant to be a resource to help you connect to your joy. It is by utilizing all of the tools available to
us, that we are able to create the joyful outcome we desire.” ~ Robyn Vie Carpenter-Brisco

Robyn and two other ladies will be speaking on Wednesday, September 21st at Coffee at The Point from 6-9pm.

Follow the link below for the events page and a map to the venue. Come early to check out the Women Behaving Badly series of paintings if you haven’t already.

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