How I Painted Save the Coffee Bean

Save the Coffee BeanWhen I decided to paint this piece, really wanted to use collage. I had been ignoring the process because I am stuck on painting. I love the brushes, the pigments, mixing colors… all of it. However, lately I have seen the merits of collage. I love the subliminal nature of the process, how the papers you choose inform the final piece.
20151013_191711_N River Ave
 In Save the Coffee Bean, I used local newspaper pages to create the background of the painting.

Then I sketched the design on top, first in pencil then in permanent marker because I couldn’t see the pencil marks through the newspaper ink.

 After getting the sketch down, I applied several layers of diluted absorbent ground to where the cup and liquid coffee would be. I knew that I wanted the most vibrant colors to be in the cup and the coffee, so I made sure to build up enough white so that the colors would pop. From there, I painted as usual, building up my colors slowly, discovering the subtle color shifts in the liquid and forming the contours and reflections in the cup. Of course, I also built up the background elements, the hands and the figures holding the baskets of of the berries almost becoming collage elements themselves.
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