Fixing Some Glitches


Hey everyone,

I’ve been a bit infrequent with my posts of late, but for good reason! First, I have moved. My wife and I have finally given up our nomadic lifestyle and have actually signed a lease. Since her job takes up the lion’s share of her time, it was my duty to step up and get this place organized. I feel so domestic: cooking, cleaning, decorating… it’s been good times. But, it has also taken me out of the studio a bit, so I haven’t been drawing or posting much. 

Time to get back in the saddle! I have been trouble shooting some glitches in my website that you may or may not have noticed. The mobile menu had WAY too many items in it for a while there, so now that’s all fixed. I have also finally got my Instagram feed working properly. Most of my random sketches, drawings and works in progress go on Instagram first, and I realized that I was leaving you blog readers out of the loop. Having the feed connected to my page will allow you to see what I’m doing in between big projects.

New Products!

Over the last few weeks, I have been uploading some of my older ink drawings to the web store. These original works in pen and ink are available for sale in the store. They represent the middle/low price range of my artwork. If you are into the nerdy side of pop culture like Firefly, Doctor Who and Supernatural, you are going to dig these. Each one is done old school style in pen and ink, meaning I actually dipped a nib into India Ink to make marks on paper. It takes a steady hand and enough patience not to splash ink around. I love the challenge of the medium and I hope that love and care shows in each line. Check out the shop or follow this link to take one home.

Buy Original Ink Drawings

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