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Travel Journal – Sketch Entries

Hey guys! Well, my journey is finally at its end. I am currently at my parents’ house in Albuquerque after having been redirected here due to severe snowstorms in Denver. We are going to road trip it up there today with a borrowed car and will be home by nightfall. I can hear the cries […]

Travel Journal -Drawings, Drawings, Drawings!

It occurred tome that I am VERY behind on my posts. How far behind, you ask? I have been in Chile for over a month already! Here is a quick (VERY) recap: We left Cusco and went to Arequipa, which is GORGEOUS. From there, it was South to Tacna and across the border to Arica. […]

What I Need In Life -Part 1

As I have made my way on this journey, I have started to take note of the things I truly need in life. This has changed since leaving because I literally can’t carry with me all of the comforts of home and have stripped my life down to the bare essentials. Here of some of […]

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