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Travel Journal – Sketch Entries

Hey guys! Well, my journey is finally at its end. I am currently at my parents’ house in Albuquerque after having been redirected here due to severe snowstorms in Denver. We are going to road trip it up there today with a borrowed car and will be home by nightfall. I can hear the cries […]

Travel Journal -Drawings, Drawings, Drawings!

It occurred tome that I am VERY behind on my posts. How far behind, you ask? I have been in Chile for over a month already! Here is a quick (VERY) recap: We left Cusco and went to Arequipa, which is GORGEOUS. From there, it was South to Tacna and across the border to Arica. […]

What I Need In Life -Part 1

As I have made my way on this journey, I have started to take note of the things I truly need in life. This has changed since leaving because I literally can’t carry with me all of the comforts of home and have stripped my life down to the bare essentials. Here of some of […]

Machu Picchu – Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of my Machu Picchu adventure! As I’d mentioned in Part 1, we decided to do Machu Picchu without a guide, so I honestly couldn’t tell you much about the history of the place. A Google search would probably take care of that, so I’ll just tell you about our experience. […]

Machu Picchu -Part 1

When visiting Peru, you HAVE to go to Machu Picchu. It’s just what you do. I don’t think any of our family or friends would have forgiven us if we didn’t go. I mean, it’s one of the Seven Wonders of the World. We had to go! We had no idea what we were in […]

Sketchbooks are for Sketching

Sometimes I start a piece and get a bit overzealous with details. I hit a point with this drawing where I had to remind myself that it’s only a sketch and I don’t have to “finish” it. It helps that the paper is so absorbent, it is difficult to get really small details. The beauty […]

Parque de las Papas – Part 3

The driver took us back up to this greenhouse we had passed some time before and there we waited for the others. The man and woman we had gone up the mountain with were finished and were walking down along with the two men Marin had come to speak to in the first place. When […]

Parque de las Papas – Part 2

So there we were, stranded and freezing on the side of a mountain with two people who were all bundled up and prepared to walk up even higher. They offered to take us with them, but we had come to a decision already. We needed to GO! After finding out that this was their only […]

Parque de las Papas – Part 1

Talk about going off the beaten track! This has to be one of the most awkwardly amazing parts of our trip so far. Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me begin in the beginning. Before we left on this crazy trip to Peru, Marin was told by a friend in China that she HAD […]

The Chocolate Museum

Marin and I are obsessed with the Choco Museo, or the Chocolate Museum. We discovered it on our first day in Miraflores and have not been able to resist going back again and again. Both of us are kind of chocolate snobs. We won’t eat milk chocolate, dark chocolate that’s less than 67% or any […]

Impressions of Peru in Watercolor

I have been trying to draw paint something in my journal every day. Some times I succeed, sometimes, not so much. Fortunately, the no page days are made up for by three page days, so I still feel good about my progress. Not every page needs its own post, however, so here are a few […]

A Little DIY for the Day

I’m loving my fancy new stick pen! I have been fiddling with it a bit and now I think I’ve achieved the perfect balance of sharpness and durability. The pic I posted received a few likes on the old Facebook and a bunch more likes on Instagram, so I thought I’d put together this little […]

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