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Products I am selling on my website. This includes services and items.

Merry Christmas!

Amid all the commercialism and craziness of the season, don’t forget to give thanks to and for those you love and those who love you back. I, for one, am spending the Holiday with my in-laws and our Burmese friends. There is nothing quite like seeing Christmas through the eyes of small children experiencing it […]

Gogo Yubari Prints on Sale

Just in Time for Halloween You may (or may not) have noticed some activity on my website recently. I have done a complete redesign, which I hope will make the user experience much easier. (If this is not the case, please let me know.) I have also added some products, many of which are on […]


The capoeira painting “Race Brasileira” is no longer available. If you have been coveting other pieces from that series, I suggest you make some moves. Folks are starting to stake their claims. There are ten paintings left. You can find them here on the website.

Holiday Jubilee at the Boulder Creative Collective

Hey All, This weekend I will be returning to my old stomping grounds. The Boulder Creative Collective is hosting the Holiday Jubilee, a holiday market, on Saturday. All sorts of artists will be selling all sorts of things, from paintings and prints to clothing to cocktails. It’s the perfect time and place to get a […]

Working with Clients – Portrait Commissions

The holidays are coming. Commission a portrait for your loved ones before it’s too late. No new orders after December 13th for holiday gifts.


I have changed my website again. I know, it seems like things are always moving around over here, but for good reason. I am looking for the best user experience for you guys and the last layout was lacking. Those of you who visited were not getting past the blog post or home page, so […]

Jimi is gone

It is official, I no longer have the Jimi Hendrix painting. It sold this week to a good friend of mine. Yay! A big thank you to that lucky guy. I know what you’re thinking… Oh no! I wanted that one! Never fear, you can still have a Jimi Hendrix print in any size you […]

New Low Price on Original Paintings

Hey guys. After much soul searching, I have decided to lower the prices of my original paintings. ┬áThis goes against the advice of many of the leaders in art business. Ideally, you pick a number and the only direction you are allowed to go is up. Someday this will be true of my work, but […]

The Holidays Are Coming

Hey all! Many of you are receiving this message because you have been following my work for some time. First of all, I want to thank you for your support over the years, following my progress here and on social media, attending my shows, and occasionally purchasing my art. With the holidays coming so soon […]

How I Do What I Do – Part 1

So, there are going to be a number of these because if you are familiar with my Facebook page and my Instagram profile, you have seen that I post my step by step, work in progress pictures. Sometimes I’ll tell you what’s in my head while I’m working, but often enough, I only post the […]

More From Afro Triangle Upcycled

I have experienced some success with these jewelry pieces and have been having a great time making them. I must say, it has been an interesting journey coming up with different variations for these bracelets. There’s something about looking at the materials in front of me and seeing the possibilities for each new piece, coming […]

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