Travel Journal -Drawings, Drawings, Drawings!

It occurred tome that I am VERY behind on my posts. How far behind, you ask? I have been in Chile for over a month already! Here is a quick (VERY) recap:

We left Cusco and went to Arequipa, which is GORGEOUS. From there, it was South to Tacna and across the border to Arica. Two days later, we took an odd 24 hour bus ride down to La Serena (this is all in Chile now) , stayed for two nights and headed to Valparaiso. We crashed at the house of this dude we met through for a week or so before landing in a lemon farm just outside Curacavi where we have spent a week earning our keep.

I promise, I will elaborate on all of this in future posts. Internet connection has been spotty at best, so consistency has been a real challenge. Well, that and I am easily distracted. In any case, please enjoy the sketchbook entries below.

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