Women in Literature – How it Went

Good morning! If you didn’t make it to last night’s talk with Women in Literature, you missed out. All you budding authors would have benefited from the experiences that these women shared. They spoke about getting into writing and the pitfalls of being an author. They spoke about self publishing vs. working with a publishing house.

Cassi Clark talked about how her life experiences of having  a child led her to writing a book about breastfeeding. Jennifer Kincheloe, who started out as a research scientist and is now an award winning author of historical mystery novels talked about her career change. Robyn Vie Carpenter Brisco told us how living in joy led her to writing about stones.

Each woman was open and candid about her experiences, sometimes graphically so. I now know who to turn to for advice if and when I get around to writing a book myself.

I have a surprise for you. There is a recording of most of last night’s conversation. I am still learning the ins and outs of my software, so forgive me for the quality, but I am happy to have something to share with you all.

Don’t forget that tomorrow night, we have the students of East High School’s Women’s Lit class talking to us tomorrow night.

Coffee at The Point
Friday night – 6-8pm

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