Good morning Afro Triangle friends. Today begins a week of transitions. I am starting the move to my new studio today. I get to box up all my belongings, assessing what I actually need and what I’ve been hanging onto “just in case”. Somehow, I always find a bunch of things I don’t use. Then I get rid of them. And months later I wonder where they got to. It happens almost every time I change up my style.

I actually move into the new space tomorrow. I am so excited! There will finally be enough room for my festival tent AND my finished paintings. My in laws will be happy to have that part of the garage back. Most importantly, I will be able to take meetings in the middle of the day and still work in my studio. Until now, meeting with people meant giving up on studio time because of the commute.

After moving , I get to transition into my role as hostess. Tomorrow night is the Women in STEM panel discussion, the first of several for the month. I will be at Coffee at The Point with my four panelists. Click here for the blog post about the speakers. The talk starts at 6 PM I, so I have to get cleaned up and ready by 5:30.

By Thursday, I go back to setting up the studio. But somewhere in there, I transition into businesswoman. Being self employed means constantly setting up that next paying gig. There are emails, phone calls, meetings and negotiations. I am only now starting to embrace it. Truth be told, I would rather be painting in my studio.

It’s going to be a busy week. I hope I can share some of it with you.

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