Talking Feminism with High School Students

Good morning friends of Afro Triangle. I’m getting a VERY late start, but with good reason. I just got back from doing a discussion panel at East High School on the subject of Feminism. They wanted me in at 7:20 this morning. Since that is about ten minutes before I usually wake up, writing was a bit difficult. But I’m here now!

The discussion was amazing! It was broken into two class periods and the kids asked great questions. As a little background, I was invited to do this talk for the Women’s Lit Class at East High School. Their teacher Charlie Gaare asked me to come and talk to her students about what it is to be a Feminist. I was one of two common speakers. The others were teachers who had to go to their classes between periods.

We touched on the differences in perception of the binary gender roles. We talked about why these roles have come about, and why they need to be reexamined. The kids asked about who pays on a date, about what brought each of us to Feminism in the first place, and about how we feel we fit into this society.

The most interesting thing was that both periods had men as well as women talking about their experiences with Feminism. I found it fascinating to see what brought these men to the topic. These men did have a few moments of enlightenment. Aware though they were, there were still a number of blind spots for them when the women told their stories. I think we all grew from those moments.

Some of the students who participated in this discussion will also be with me at Coffee at The Point on Friday the 23rd to share one of their class projects. They have read the book One Hundred Demons, by Lynda Barry and will be sharing their personal demons with the audience. I expect it to be an insightful evening, so please come down.

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