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Vote for me – Small Business Grant

Hi everyone, I’ve been taking a break from blogging for a while. I am far more visual than I am wordy, so at times, I just focus on the images. There are some new ones I want to share with you, but first, I have something to tell you about. I recently applied for a small […]

Battling Unconscious Biases with Art

I may have mentioned this before but I love listening to podcasts. My list seems to grow every month as more, interesting series come to my attention. I stared listening to Radio Lab a few years ago and it was like my gateway drug. Podcasts allow me to insert information into my brain while I […]

Teaching at Girls Inc.

Afro Triangle is working with Girls Inc. to teach young girls about the women who have shaped our society and our world. History lessons meet art lessons.

Life Drawing – Practice, Practice Practice

Drawings from my recent Life Drawing session and a little info about how these sessions go. These are a must for any serious artist or artist in training.

A Little Different – Burmese Food in Denver

Have you ever tried Burmese Food? Do you want to? The opportunity to do so is coming up in just over a week. November 12th at the Spring Institute.

Goodbye Coffee at The Point

My art is leaving Coffee at The Point and moving on to the next space. Starting October 26th, I will be at the Blair Caldwell Library.

Women in the Arts

In keeping with the theme of Women Behaving Badly, I want to take some time to showcase the women in our community who are making a difference right now. This week, come for an evening of talks from women in the arts. These ladies range from the performing arts to visual art and each one […]

Inktober – Let’s give this a shot

Good afternoon everyone. My apologies for not writing yesterday. I had to run a BUNCH of errands which kept me out of the studio for half the day. I want to talk to you a little about Inktober. This is actually the first time I’m participating and I’m kind of excited about it. Inktober is basically […]

This is the Last Week at Coffee at The Point

Final panel discussion at Coffee at The Point before moving on. Women in the Arts. Spoken word, comedy, and visual arts. Come and join the conversation.

Women in Politics

Join us on Friday, September 30th as we talk to women in politics. Some of these women have the ability to choose the leaders who create the policies that affect us. Others are in the trenches, helping to formulate and enforce those policies. I admit, this is not a world I understand, so I am looking […]

Women in Politics- Part 2

Good afternoon! Allow me to introduce the second of the speakers for tomorrow Women in Politics discussion panel, Halisi Vinson: Halisi holds a Masters in Business Administration and also has over 20 years of corporate experience. As a community advocate, she created a youth program that teaches teens entrepreneurship, video production and success skills. Additionally […]

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