Boulder Creative Collective’s Holiday Jubilee

If you live in the Boulder area and you are looking for some unique gifts for your loved ones:

Come check out the BOULDER CREATIVE COLLECTIVE‘s Holiday Jubilee!  Experience some freakin’ rad local artists, apparel brands + more in their awesome warehouse space in East Boulder!  Coffee + cocktails will be available for purchase.


Afro Triangle will be selling original drawings and paintings, fine art prints, portrait commissions and more. I’ll see you on Saturday!

Mini Comic Con 12/3/2016

I am not strictly a comic book artist, but I have been a fan forever. I definitely used comic style in my art from time to time and it remains an inspiration to me. Whenever I am stuck or in need of inspiration, I seek out my comic collection. I have been fortunate enough to have been invited to this year’s Mini Comic Con.

A Little Information

Comic cons are big business these days. These once fringe subculture events, have entered the mainstream and have become the premiere venues to celebrate pop culture. The growing popularity of comic cons can be partly attributed to the recent elevation of all things geeky in pop culture. But also by expanding comic cons to include not only comics, but also science fiction, fantasy, games, television, movies, animation, and all sorts of fandoms, comic cons have become celebrations of all things pop culture.

Whatever fandom you are into, we hope you’ll join us on Saturday, December 3, at Mini Comic Con at the Sam Gary Branch Library from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This is a free event for fans of all ages.

Polish up your Wolverine claws, put on that cardboard TARDIS you made for Halloween, or show off that movie-quality Star Wars storm trooper outfit you spent a million dollars on. Whatever your fandom is we want to see it. Or, if you’re not into cosplay, just come as you are. There will be lots of stuff going on.

My inks will feature heavily at this event. If you are a fan of popular culture, come by and check it out.

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Good morning all! I thought I’d share with you some pieces I no longer have because I sold them last night. If your favorite is not on this list, come see me at Mini Comic Con at the Sam Gary Branch Library. I will be there today from 10am to 4pm.

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Life Drawing – Practice, Practice Practice

A couple of weeks ago, I ran into my friend Mike Rosenbaum, a caricature artist here in Denver. He and I had gone to school together, but haven’t hung out in a long time. We immediately made plans to catch up. He told me about this life drawing session at the Lakewood Cultural Arts Center, so we headed over there on Thursday.

Life Drawing in a Nutshell

If are an artist and you have never been to a life drawing session, I highly recommend that you go regularly. I hadn’t gone in over a year, but it came back pretty quickly. Different sessions have different formats, but the basics are:

  1. Short gesture drawings, usually 1-five minutes per pose
  2. Longer poses, about 10 minutes or so
  3. Slightly longer poses 20-30 minutes each. Here the model is usually seated or reclined, though some will stand.
  4. Long poses of 40 minutes to 2 hours. For the longest of these, the model will take a break at the halfway point to rest, then resume the pose to the best of his/her ability.

The session I went to last week had about five 1-minute poses, five 5-minute poses, one 10-minute poses and four poses that were between 20 and 30 minutes long. One minute per pose is a harrowing pace if you’re not used to it. It is, however, essential. If you can figure out the pose at one minute, with 20 or 30, you will have so much more time to work in the details. This makes it all worthwhile, to me.

The Results

Below are the drawings I did last week. One is missing because I gave it to the model. Sometimes they will take art in lieu of tips, though tips are encouraged as well.

Thanks for stopping in! Don’t forget that this Saturday is the Meet The Artist reception for Women Behaving Badly at the Blair Caldwell Library. I will be there from 2:30 -4:30 pm to answer any questions you have about the art and the series.

Upcoming Events

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A Custom Portrait for Someone You Love

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Fixing Some Glitches


Hey everyone,

I’ve been a bit infrequent with my posts of late, but for good reason! First, I have moved. My wife and I have finally given up our nomadic lifestyle and have actually signed a lease. Since her job takes up the lion’s share of her time, it was my duty to step up and get this place organized. I feel so domestic: cooking, cleaning, decorating… it’s been good times. But, it has also taken me out of the studio a bit, so I haven’t been drawing or posting much. 

Time to get back in the saddle! I have been trouble shooting some glitches in my website that you may or may not have noticed. The mobile menu had WAY too many items in it for a while there, so now that’s all fixed. I have also finally got my Instagram feed working properly. Most of my random sketches, drawings and works in progress go on Instagram first, and I realized that I was leaving you blog readers out of the loop. Having the feed connected to my page will allow you to see what I’m doing in between big projects.

New Products!

Over the last few weeks, I have been uploading some of my older ink drawings to the web store. These original works in pen and ink are available for sale in the store. They represent the middle/low price range of my artwork. If you are into the nerdy side of pop culture like Firefly, Doctor Who and Supernatural, you are going to dig these. Each one is done old school style in pen and ink, meaning I actually dipped a nib into India Ink to make marks on paper. It takes a steady hand and enough patience not to splash ink around. I love the challenge of the medium and I hope that love and care shows in each line. Check out the shop or follow this link to take one home.

Buy Original Ink Drawings

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Inktober – Let’s give this a shot

Good afternoon everyone. My apologies for not writing yesterday. I had to run a BUNCH of errands which kept me out of the studio for half the day. I want to talk to you a little about Inktober.

This is actually the first time I’m participating and I’m kind of excited about it. Inktober is basically a challenge for the month of October in which participants have to do one drawing, in ink, a day for 31 days. Since starting to paint more seriously a few years back, I had stopped using my pens. I miss them, though. SO, I’m taking this challenge as an opportunity to hone those skills again.

I had already started doing small ink drawings as this month began, so this is perfect timing.

And as a reminder, I’m hosting the final panel discussion at Coffee at The Point, featuring Women in the Arts. It starts tonight at 6. I’ll see you there!

img_20161004_183359 img_20161003_123449 img_20160927_123745 _dsc0092

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Tiny Drawings

Hi Guys. I was at a bit of a loss for what to talk to you guys about, so I just started sketching. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Whenever I’m stuck, I just pull out these small 2.5×3.5 in. pieces of scrap paper and start drawing. I have this mirror above my drafting table which I have been using to practice drawing my own facial expressions. This is a new thing for me, so there aren’t many just yet.

As many paintings as I have done over the years, I have actually fallen out of the practice of drawing with structure in mind. When creating a portrait, you can either focus on the light and shade to create the illusion of three dimensionality, or you can focus on the structure. Obviously, you need both to create a realistic rendering, but what I’m saying here has to do with the way the mind sees form while drawing.

I have been focusing on the light, color and shade. That means that I’m good at recreating a specific image. What I am starting to practice again is focusing on the structure. I break each shape down to its basic components so that I understand the underlying structures. This will allow me to draw any face from any angle without needing a specific reference. I have only practiced this off and on since graduating from art school. Consider me in the on again phase now.

I want to take my work from copy to invention. With my Women Behaving Badly series, I have been great about inventing the board shapes as well as the backgrounds, but I could push the envelope much further on the portraits themselves. I’m always working to improve. How are you improving yourselves? I’d love to hear from you.

img_20160923_111338 img_20160926_123655 img_20160921_144440

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A Little DIY for the Day

I’m loving my fancy new stick pen! I have been fiddling with it a bit and now I think I’ve achieved the perfect balance of sharpness and durability. The pic I posted received a few likes on the old Facebook and a bunch more likes on Instagram, so I thought I’d put together this little how-to illustration to show how, you too, can make your own fancy stick pen.

The basic steps
The basic steps

I haven’t done an instructional illustration in ages, so I’ll talk you through the process here.

  1. First (and this is very IMPORTANT) find a stick. Make sure you like the way it feels in your hands, otherwise, you will strongly dislike your new pen! Besides, you’re making this for you. It should feel good, otherwise what’s the point? My first stick pen was way too skinny, and I knew I wouldn’t use it much so I started over.
  2. Get a sharp blade. This could be a pocket knife, box cutter or X-acto. Sharp is important because dull blades drive me crazy! They don’t cut the way you want, so you can’t get good lines or curves and you have to use WAY too much pressure, increasing the likelihood that you’ll cut yourself instead of the stick and they suck! They suck so bad! (End Rant) Remove any excess twigs that would make using your pen awkward.
  3. Rotate your stick in your writing/drawing hand and decide how you want to hold it. Again, comfort is key.
  4. Start shaving your stick about half to three quarters of an inch from the end, staying aware of how you want to grip your pen. You want to start making a curved area for your ink (or paint or blood or whatever) to pool in.
  5. Once you have your curve, start shaving the sides to make your tip. Mine is about a 45° angle which gives me the kind of tip I want to draw with, since I so love my skinny lines.
That’s basically it. Throughout the week, I found myself shaving a little bit here, a little bit there, in an effort to get the perfect line. I noticed that when I tried to make the tip look more like a quill or a fountain pen, I lost the sharpness very quickly because the wood would soften and lose its shape. When you look at it from the side (curve on the left) the very tip of my pen is around 1/16 of an inch wide and angled slightly to give it a sharp point. This seems to be thick enough to retain its structural integrity while allowing me to draw the way I want.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. As an added bonus, here’s the original drawing. I tweaked the earlier image with photo editing tools to help it read better.
original drawing
original drawing








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Afro Triangle Represent

I know I posted all the steps of the work in progress on Facebook, but now I’m putting them here. Here are all the pieces in the same place. Once I get around to finishing it, I’ll post the pure lines version which I will be using to print on t-shirts.

ATD Represent WIP