Still Learning

One important thing to know about me is that I am constantly studying my craft. There are things I do very well and things to still need lot of work on. For example, I have gotten very good at drawing and painting with a photo reference in front of me, but I still find drawing from memory or from my imagination very challenging. One of my goals is to intentionally tell stories with my art, so these are skills I’m going to have to hone in order to achieve that goal.

By now, you have seen some of my art journal entries, where I document aspects of my trip to South America. These are part of my learning the storytelling process as well as my development of a visual library. The following images are simple practice pages, where I explore the structure of the human body and face. For now, I’m going to just drop a bunch of images here. In future posts, will explain what I’m doing and how it is helping. I’m drawing these on my tablet using the program Art Rage Studio Pro. It’s inexpensive and really mimics the way artists think about their tools.

The resources I used for these are: – Stan Prokopenko does an amazing job of explaining drawing basics using his own drawings and 3 D animations to break down the techniques.

Making Faces-Drawing Expressions for Comics and Cartoons – I got this on my Kindle for those times I don’t have internet access. So far, I’m enjoying the book. It’s really helping me to think about the anatomy of facial expressions and how they are simplified in line art.

Thanks for checking in! More next time.

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