I know that these are on my pages associated with the actual product, but I felt the need to post them here as well. When I’m doing my paintings, especially my portraits, I’m sitting in my living room in my own little world. The majority of them are gifts for people I’ve never met, so I don’t really get the full effect of what my work does to or for other people. I have done paintings of sweet moments between individuals, quirky pet pictures, and memorial portraits of those who have passed. Of course I follow up with my clients, but I rarely get something in writing and it’s usually right after they have given the gift so they don’t have the words to get their emotion across.

Well, here are some folks who had time to think. (You have to click them to make them legible):

Adam's Review

Dalen's Review

Al's Review


I really appreciate my clients, most of whom have already been my friends for years. I am so happy that they also appreciate what I do.

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