11×14 Custom Watercolor Portrait



The painted portrait has been around for centuries. With the advent of the camera, many believed that this art form would be lost, since it is far easier and faster to snap a photo than it is to paint a portrait. Digital cameras have made it even easier to document a person’s likeness. We take so many photos, we don’t have time to look at them all. Because of this, the painted portrait is experiencing a resurgence. Now, you can take that ubiquitous photo of yourself or your loved ones and turn it into a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Here’s how it works. Send me your photo, making sure that it is expressive and not only looks like the person, but feels like them too. I will take that photo and create a mock up which I will send to you for your approval. Once approved, I will begin my painting, giving you progress photos along the way. When we have both decided that the painting is done, I will send you your final masterpiece to be cherished for years to come.

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