Portrait Sketches on the Block

Good morning Afro Triangle Friends. I hope you have been having a good weekend. Yesterday, I got to do some live portrait drawing at a block party in my neighborhood. It was over at the Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-being. It had a great turnout and there were fun activities for adults and kids alike. I didn’t get to partake though, because I was drawing people almost nonstop for about four and a half hours.

I had not realized how exhausting that could be until I hit about hour two. My shoulders were starting to cramp and I had to stop after each portrait to stretch. It was worth it, though. I had a lot of happy customers. I noticed that I only had female customers. Women and girls of all ages came up to have their portraits drawn. No men, no boys. My fellow portrait artists and caricaturists, have you noticed this phenomenon?

The drawings went over so well, a number of people asked if I could do their private parties. Looks like this will be a new addition to my business model. Next time though, I’m bringing a cushion!


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