Opening Night Performers – Part 1

Opening night has come and gone. If you missed it, don’t worry, there will be more events and plenty of time to see the show. It will be up at Coffee at The Point until the end of September.  Because of this, I’m planning on hosting several discussion panels with amazing women in our community. Check out the events page at the end of this post for more information.

If you didn’t miss the opening, you may be wondering about the performers I had on stage. Who were those women and why did I select them. I’m going to allow them to speak for themselves.

Marthe Ndongala:

My name is Marthè Ndongala and I’m 21 years old. I was born in Kinshasa the capital of The Democratic Republic of Congo. I moved to the United States around the age of five. I’ve been writing poetry since the age of 10 and for me writing was the only escape I had from a very combative reality. I voiced myself through my writing because my culture and my surroundings wouldn’t allow me the stage to physically do so. I so badly wanted to be able to free myself. I had bottled a lot of pain, fear, anger, and trauma inside my heart and this cocktail for spiritual destruction was beginning to weigh on me. I felt like I was drowning with a brick tied to my chest.

But you know writing is powerful. You can speak things into existence with mere words. Words are powerful. When I came to understand that power, I was able to speak healing over myself, over my loved ones, and be able to rewrite my destiny. Writing for me is the first magic, it is the most ancient of divinations. It says even in the Bible that in the beginning there was the Word and the Word was with God. God wrote creation into existence, God gave the universe a sense of rhyme and flow. So poetry, especially for a woman who is in truth God, only makes sense. My writing has helped me break surface, and to be able to once again bask in eternal sunlight. So my mission statement, my sole purpose one would say is to remind women of the power they have seated inside of them, and to be reminded of that power and use it in conjunction to your words is to not only free yourself, but to remind the universe who birthed it.

You can find her work at:

Stay tuned to read about our other performers.

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