New Web Store

Hey all! For those of you who were familiar with my site before, you may notice that things have changed a little bit with regard to your shopping experience. I have switched from my old online shop to the site Fine Art America. I have done this because it is a fulfillment site, capable of printing out my artwork on demand on a variety of high quality papers and canvases, and can even provide you with framed work, all of which would be quite costly to me if I were to do it myself.

You will find that my original artworks are available as well as the prints, though if you are looking for an original, you will be prompted to contact me directly, as Fine Art America doesn’t handle original works. Their prices are very fair and most of the profits go to the artists (we actually set how much we want to earn per piece). Through this site, I have already made a sale! The original Ray Charles is no longer available, but fear not! I will be painting another shortly. Until then, please enjoy the piece I just finished up tonight. Once I have it properly archived, it too will be available as a fine art print. I present, the Black Messiah himself, D’angelo.


watercolor prints

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