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I mentioned earlier this morning that I had a meeting that I didn’t want to jinx. Well, now I can tell you about it! I met with a gentleman named Jason Janz who works with an organization called Upstream Impact.  This organization helps impoverished people and ex-cons turn their lives around.  Jason saw my Women Behaving Badly paintings the day after I hung them and called me up.

What he wants to do is commission a series of paintings on both national and local leaders with the intention of inspiring the people in the program. This year, 100 men and women will be coming through their doors. Because many of these people are of the Black and Latino communities, Jason wants to show leaders who represent them. He wants these folks to see themselves in the great men and women portrayed in the paintings.

How You Can Help

We are now in the research phase. If you are a local Denverite, and know something of this city’s history, I would love it if you could help me out. Shoot me the names of some Black, Latino and Native American leaders who have impacted this community and I will research and submit them for consideration. We are doing 10 paintings in all, five local leaders and five national leaders.

Once we are past the research phase, there will be a fundraiser in which I will include posters of my current series as well as our final choices as perks. These look great on bedroom walls and classroom walls.

10 thoughts on “New Opportunities

  1. Denise Berry says:

    My daughter, who was in fourth grade last year did a book report on Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales. We are new to the Denver area and I learned about this local hero through her. I would suggest Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales, I guess however, many local people would know of him.

    P.S. I think your artwork is outstanding!

    • admin says:

      That’s pretty cool. I definitely want to learn more about him. I’ve been to the library with his name a few times. What did your daughter learn about him?

      • Denise Berry says:

        Thanks for asking. . . this question allowed me to reflect with my daughter on her project that she proudly presented at the time. We pulled out her posterboard presentation and went over some more specifics about Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales. I understand now that he recieved fame as a champion boxer and was inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame in 1988. He was a poet and gave several speaches regarding the Chicano Movement and was an activist on behalf of equal rights for Mexican Americans moving to Colorado. “Sort of like Martin Luther King,” as my daughter says. As mentioned, I imagine he probably has good recognition as local figure here with a library named after him, however many local people may not know or remember his background.

        • admin says:

          That is awesome. Thank you so much Denise. I am going to delve deeper into his story. I think his will be one of the paintings I do for the project.

          • Denise Berry says:

            Please keep us informed on the progress of this project. I am also in touch with information on your showings on Facebook. Thank you.

    • Denise Berry says:

      If you are looking for national leaders, may I also suggest one of my favorites, Shirley Chisolm also. Thank you.

  2. admin says:

    I’ve actually already painted Shirley Chisholm. Check out the Women Behaving Badly tab. She’s in there. 🙂

    • Denise Berry says:

      Yes, thank you, I see! I hope to be able to make it (with my daughter), to one of the remaining discussions at Coffee at The Point. I would love to expose my daughter Christal to your artwork in person. She has an interest in art and there are so few African-American women role-models around. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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