More Portraiture

So, I have been very good at posting on my social media pages, and very bad at posting here. Here is one of the pieces I finished recently, within the last three weeks. I decided to do a series of self portraits, since I am the model who is most available to me at all times.

Self Self Self Portrait Reference Mockup

The first thing I did was take some reference photos of myself using my new favorite tool, the remote control on my camera. I can take multiple shots of myself in different positions quickly and adjust the angles on my tripod as needed.  Once I have the photos, I throw them in Photoshop and start chopping and putting everything together in a composition I feel good about. I did a little playing with perspective in this one.

Once I had the layout done, I went ahead and drew the design on my illustration board and began painting. Below is the work in progress as posted on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites I use.

Self Self Self Portrai WIP

Let me know what you guys think or whether or not you have any questions about my process.


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