Live Painting this Friday at Local 46

Hey all. I may have mentioned before that I do live paintings on occasion. I began doing this as a way to connect with my audience at my shows. I found that whenever I showed, if people didn’t see my photo in the bio at the entrance of the venue, they had no idea who I was when they were looking around at my art. This became a little frustrating because I wasn’t sure how to engage people who seemed only to have a passing interest in one piece or another.

Then, I started bringing my easel to my shows and everything changed instantly. Now I have people walking up to me, asking me questions about the painting I’m working on, which easily leads to conversations about the pieces on the walls, prints and anything else I have for sale. And I discovered, I love doing it! I love working in front of an audience, something that would make many other artists cringe.

As some of you know, I just got back from my trip to South America a few weeks ago. In that time, I have moved into my new home, found myself a studio to work out of and have hung a show at Local 46, just off 46th and Tennyson in Denver. I painted the piece below on the First Friday of April and have since been asked to return this Friday (the 15th) to paint again. I will be joined by a Latin Jazz and Afro Cuban band. I’m excited because I love that style of music, so expect tons of energy in my next piece.

So, join me at Local 46 (4586 Tennyson St, Denver, CO 80212) this Friday night at 7 for a night of live painting and live music. I can’t wait to see you there.

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