This is the Last Week at Coffee at The Point

Good morning everyone! This Wednesday night will be the final panel discussion at Coffee at The Point. It will not be the last one forever, just the last at this venue. This week also marks the last opportunity to view the Women Behaving Badly series at Coffee at The Point. The next artist’s work will be going up and I will be moving on. Look for me at the Blair Caldwell Library starting October 26th. This will, however be the very last week to view the Sojourner Truth painting. That piece was purchased this summer and will finally go home with its owner.

Wednesday’s panel discussion is about Women in the Arts. On deck, I have a visual artist, a comedian, and a spoken word artist. Each will tell you about herself, what she does and why she does it. Lelija Roy wants people who see her paintings to fall in love with nature. Debbie Scheer uses her comedy to talk about things we don’t like to talk about and makes us more comfortable in the process. Lady Speech is challenging, yet nurturing in her activism, using her poetry to talk about sexual freedom, women’s rights, and everything in between.

These panel discussions have been some of the best conversations I have had the privilege to participate in. I am the kind of person to download as much information into her brain as possible through books, documentaries and podcasts, but these talks are on a different level. I get to see the passion in each woman’s eyes as she talks about her vocation. I get to participate and be more than just an information sponge. And, best of all, I get to know more about old friends and make some new ones.

Bring yourself and bring your friends.

Coffee at The Point
710 26th Ave

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