I’m in a Magazine!

972094_10151736280134453_831133773_nI was recently asked by my friend, Holly Hatch, to participate in a photo shoot and article for Out Front Magazine, a local gay and lesbian periodical here in Denver. The article was showcasing the different ways in which we express ourselves as a community and the diversity of those expressions. Of course I gave a nod to my site here, as well as to my capoeira group, Canto do Galo, as we are gearing up for this insane weekend. Crazy activities will be taking place, so come check it out.

Anyway, I feel very fortunate that I have two great communities that support me in my various endeavors, particularly my more creative ones. Holly and her girlfriend Jody have been especially supportive of me over the years, with Jody hiring me not once, but twice to work in her bar (previously called tHERe, now Blush) when I was experiencing hard financial times. That place is like a home away from home where I always feel welcome and am always among friends.

My capoeira community fuels my need for physical expression, exercise, cultural immersion, among other things. Those folks are my family away from family and are the base of most of my relationships here in Denver. I am so lucky to have them all in my life.



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