Follow Up: Sugar Art and Fashion Show

Last night I participated in the Sugar Art and Fashion Show, hosted by Timmery Turner of Mad Girl Productions over at the Space Gallery in Denver. It was my first real fashion show experience where I had to get together my designs, old and new, set up a booth for sales, select models to walk down the runway and everything. What a learning experience!

Some things went as planned, some things were decided on the fly, and some things just didn’t work at all. I signed up for the event, planning on doing 8 brand new shirt designs, but after a¬†tumultuous three months, managed to have six new designs that I deemed ready to print and only five that made it through the printing process. But all in all, I feel it was a resounding success, at least compared to other events at which I have tried to sell my art.

I had decided to only print on women’s shirts, since all my models for the show were women and I didn’t want to have too much inventory. I have made that mistake before and now have a LOT of shirts on hand that I need to figure out how to get rid of. I did only five each of my new designs which gave me a pretty good baseline for what people are interested in without too much waste in time, effort, or money. (I would not have been able to pull that off if I weren’t doing the prints myself.) During the show, I found out that there is a pretty even split between my old designs and my new ones as far as what people were willing to buy and what they responded positively to.

I even managed to make some sales. A couple of people bought what I had right there, but even more placed orders with me. Men saw the designs I had on the women’s shirts and ordered them in their size and style while a few women placed orders for wallets and shirts as gifts for the men in their lives. It was interesting to see who responded to which designs and why.

Here are some pics leading up to the event.

I took a few photos during the event, right before people started coming in, but unfortunately (or fortunately) was too busy to take any more pics when things got going. I’ll see if anyone else has some to share.


I made some great new connections during the show, got some commissions for wallets, t-shirts, and portraits, not to mention the potential for doing some graphic design work in the future. It was a great night that leaves me hopeful for the future.

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