Call to Action

Women Behaving Badly – Because Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History

This is the title of my upcoming art show and a topic I am continually drawn to. I will begin by saying that I am a feminist and that this is not a bad thing. As a woman, I am naturally pro women, but I also have brothers and men in my life who I think are amazing people and wouldn’t want to live without. I believe that feminism is about equality for all and that only when we reach that equality can we truly do away with the term and start thinking about being humanists instead. We have a long way to go.

My contribution to the cause and the reason for this page and my show, is education. I want to highlight the women who have already shaped our history, who have done so alongside the men of their time (or sometimes despite them) who have made our world what it is today.

I invite you to contribute as well. I don’t know about all these unsung heroines and could use your help in getting their stories out in the open.

My art show will be in August and September of 2016 in Denver, CO. My hope is that once the body of work is complete, I will be able to tour and take my art and my message around the country. Talent, skill and greatness have no gender, no race, no specific identity. The sooner we incorporate that into our daily lives, the better off we will all be.



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