Art Lesson?

I started this week intending to write a series of posts about art, painting, materials, all the things that allow me to do what I love, but something weird happened. As I sat down to write, I realized that I have so incorporated what I do into my life, I’ve forgotten how to explain it. Why do I use this brush? Why these paints? Why this subject?

I realized that although I have a lot of information to back these decisions in theory, in actuality, I gravitate toward certain materials and tools more on whim than anything else. I couldn’t tell you whether or not my watercolor brushes are sable, squirrel, or synthetic. I only know that I picked them up some time ago when watercolor was a passing fancy, only to have them be my main tools now. I like the softness of the bristles, how sharp they can get, and how they hold pigment, but if I had to replace them, I’m not sure where I would start.

I say all this because I have decided to reinvigorate my study of art, not just by looking at work that inspires me to figure out how it’s done, but to delve deeper in whys and wherefores of the work I create. I wish to learn and relearn about what it is that makes me create and to share that journey with whoever sees fit to follow me.

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