Afro Triangle – I Am

I have been quite busy the last few months, and unfortunately, have forgotten to post here. My latest project is an addition to my line of apparel.

2014-04-21 19.19.36-1 Afro Triangle 6 Flipped Small Afro Triangle 6 M Flipped Small





The concept behind these designs is to inspire people to own their greatness and to inspire greatness in others. I see this as a happy medium between modesty and bravado. Most of what I call “ego shirts” out there are great at stating that the wearer is someone to be admired for some reason or other, but they come off as unnecessarily cocky.






I wanted to create a shirt that states the positive attributes of the wearer, either the ones they hold dear, or the ones that others see in them, but they fail to see themselves, but I also wanted to provide a humbling element.

The “and so are you” at the bottom serves as a reminder that none of us are just one thing or another, but that we are all made up of these different attributes, positive or otherwise. We have to remember these things about ourselves, but most importantly, we have to remember them about each other as well. Only then can we be able to get past what makes us different and reveal what makes us similar so that we can really communicate. I am amazing, and so are you.

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