A new beginning

Today my wife and I are embarking on the journey of a lifetime. We have made a point of letting go of the things we no longer need, both ideologically and physically. We moved out of our house, sold or gave away a LOT of our stuff and are flying out on a one-way ticket to South America.

It is exciting and scary all at once. We know we’re coming back in April but we are not sure who we will be when we return or what our lives will look like. I spent all week sweating that fact but now, I’m just ready to go and am open to the possibilities.

This trip is all about exploring and getting inspired while having as few goals as possible. My focus, of course, is art and hers is food, so these are the compasses that will guide our journey. Beyond that, we’re down for whatever.


This is all I’m taking with me.


And this is what I’m leaving behind, all our worldly possessions fit in my in-laws’s attic.

It’s gonna be a wild ride! Come follow and see where it takes me.

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