Women in Politics- Part 2

Good afternoon! Allow me to introduce the second of the speakers for tomorrow Women in Politics discussion panel, Halisi Vinson:

Halisi holds a Masters in Business Administration and also has over 20 years of corporate experience.

As a community advocate, she created a youth program that teaches teens entrepreneurship, video production and success skills. Additionally she volunteers as a mentor and tutor for a 25-year old community college-preparation program, dedicated to inspiring at risk youth to prepare not just for a bachelors degree, but for a masters. Recently, she was reappointed to Mayor Hancock’s Denver Days roll-out committee. She was elected as a delegate to the DNC (2012) and Secretary of the county Party (2013), she is a member of the Hampden Heights Civic Association board, an honorary member of the Hampden South Neighborhood Association, and a member of CBWPA.

Between her business and community work, she understands how to meet the needs of the business world without compromising the needs of the community and its residents. Her training has given her a unique skill set geared towards understanding the implications of decisions not only for her neighborhood but for the city as a whole.

She and the other panelists will be speaking on:

Friday September 30th at
Coffee at The Point,
from 6-8pm.

I look forward to hearing her perspective on the role of Black Women in the political process.

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